Heart and Soul in the Boardroom
by Robert L. Cooper

The fact that you put on a business suit does not mean that you left yourself behind. The many e-mails and meetings that you have to deal with are realities of business, not reasons to lose your heart.

In a bold attempt to empower individuals and groups to reach their full potential, not only professionally but also spiritually, author Robert L. Cooper crashes down the imaginary line that separates the CEO from the receptionist and brings a stirring book that instills the most important tool needed in any workplace. Heart and Soul in the Boardroom will present to you how leadership with a heart could go beyond career fulfillment.

A leader himself, the author understands that in order to grow, the business needs to be profitable. What he conveys in this book, however, is a challenge for leaders to stop acting like heart and soul are not necessary in boardrooms. Heart and Soul in the Boardroom elucidates that people are spiritual beings dressed up as businesspeople, not the other way around. It is written to be a catalyst for changing the way business success is defined. With its witty insights and straightforward discussions, it is an eye-opening book about inspiring passion, compassion, and spirit in the workplace. With these principles, one can create and sustain work environments where peace and integrity are found within the fabric of the organizational culture. There must, however, be a willingness to change some of the rules of the game. And that is where Cooper elaborates his point.

The heart will always be important in any mission and any field, including business. Thought-provoking and deeply edifying, Heart and Soul in the Boardroom is highly recommended for current and future leaders, and for any individual aspiring to make a difference in the lives of others.